Our bus in RML2271.
This is a very special Routemaster bus.

We have called her ‘Peggy’ after my mum who lost her battle with cancer.

History of RML2271

RML2271, CUV271C

7/65 new to Aldenham
7/65 J into store
10/65 AR change store
11/65 AR new into service on 76, 34B
6/66 CF transfer (swap for XA), for 24
1967 CF
4/68 CF to Aldenham repaint, and return
69-71 CF
7/72 S transfer into store, then to Aldenham overhaul
-------- Aldenham works float -------
2/74 PR from o/h, unlicensed, B2554 (Poplar)..
2/74 SW transfer, relicensed (Stockwell)
3/74 HT transfer (Holloway)
1/75 HT into store
4/75 HT ..and out
2/81 to Aldenham overhaul
-------- Aldenham works float -------
11/81 FY from o/h, B2682 (Finchley)
1991 fitted with Cummins engine
1993 refurbished
9/94 NX privatised, London Central (Go-Ahead), on 36
12/97 NX London Central
98-02 NX
3/03 SW transfer (Stockwell)
c4/03 SW repainted, fitted with hopper windows
5/03 AF transfer (Putney)
11/03 Q transfer for 12 (Camberwell)
11/04 Q withdrawn.. 

July 2011 Brought by present owner

The bus has seating for 72 people, 36 upstairs and 36 down stairs.