Our bus in RM1403.
This is a very special Routemaster bus. We have called her ‘Leyla’ because she has a Leyland engine. With only 34 Leyland Engined Routemaster buses in the world, "Leyla" is the only Leyland engined open top Routemaster bus in the world.

History of RM1403.

RM1403 403 CLT

New: 8/5RM5/8, Leyland O.600 engine.

Date Garage Information

January 1963 Aldenham New to Aldenham Works

January 1963 Rye Lane Into service on 36a / 36b

December 1967 Aldenham Overhaul with body swap no B1324

January 1968 Mortlake Into service from Mortlake garage

March 1984 Aldenham With drawn from service and sold to Ind Coope Ltd (Benskins Brewery)

May 1984 Aldenham Left Aldenham with an open top conversion carried out by London Transport.
April 1992 Brought for Preservation

August 2004 Brought by S Bunda

September 2005 Brought by present owner

The bus has seating for 49 people, 34 upstairs and 15 down stairs.